Liquid crystal has found widespread interest in materials science, soft matter physics, organic chemistry, microelectronics, display, biomedical science, nonlinear optics and energy harvesting. The annual symposium on liquid crystal photonics (SLCP) has become a key platform for exchanging the latest scientific and technological development. In 2018, the 7th SLCP will take place at Nanjing, China, on April 13-15. (Registration on April 13) An affiliated one-day workshop on Liquid Crystal for Sustainable Development will be organized by the Institute for Smart Liquid Crystals (iSLiC), JITRI at Changshu right after SLCP on April 16. This year's SLCP will be jointly organized by Nanjing University, Southeast University and iSLiC. It follows the highly successful international SLCP series: Guilin 2012 (Nanjing Univ.), Chengdu 2013 (Sichuan Univ.), Shanghai 2014 (Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.), Shenzhen 2015 (Southern Univ. of Sci. and Tech.), Beijing 2016 (Peking Univ.) and Tianjin 2017 (Hebei Univ. of Tech.).
Known as the "Capital of Six Dynasties", Nanjing is a historical and cultural city of 8 million people and is conveniently linked by high-speed train to both Shanghai (one hour) and Beijing (3.5 hours). The mid-April weather in Nanjing is expected to be pleasant, and we hope that you will find some time for sampling the local cuisines (mild and delicate) and sightseeing. An optional social program will be suggested by the conference organizer. You are all warmly invited to attend the conference.



Liquid crystal phases, structures and ordering
Molecular design, synthesis and new LC materials
Liquid crystals display
Liquid crystal alignment materials and technologies
Nonlinear optics in Liquid Crystal
Liquid crystal nanocomposites
Self-organization in opto-electronic materials
Pattern formation and dynamics in liquid crystals
Liquid crystalline polymers and elastomers
New display technology
Liquid crystals in opto-electronics and photonics
Liquid crystal microwave and Terahertz devices
Liquid crystalline ordering in biological systems
Liquid crystal for sustainable development

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