Symposium on Liquid Crystal Photonics 2012 March 23rd to 27th, 2012, Guilin

         The organizing committees extend a warm welcome for you to attend the “Symposium on Liquid Crystal Photonics 2012”, to be held on March 23rd to 27th in Guilin, Guangxi Province, China.

         This Symposium is organized by China Physics Society Liquid Crystal Branch, Nanjing University and Jiangsu Optical Society, co-organized by the Chinese Journal of Liquid Crystals and Displays and OSA’s Optical Materials Express journal.

        The aim of the Symposium is to provide a high-level forum for scholars and experts, domestic and foreign, to present their recent progress and to exchange ideas in LC photonics and displays. We also hope to enhance the competitiveness and stimulate collaboration of local academies and industries through sharing of the latest technology updates during this Symposium.

        The Symposium mainly consists of keynote speeches and invited talks, combined with discussions and deliberations on research frontiers and major technology development in LC fields. We hope to provide a free and relaxed environment for in-depth communication and cooperation. The main topics of this Symposium include but not limited to the following display and non-display subjects: Blue Phase Liquid Crystals, 3D Displays, Flexible Displays, Liquid Crystal Lenses, Liquid Crystal Lasers, Liquid Crystal Elastomers, Liquid Crystal Adaptive Optics, Liquid Crystal components for Microwave and Terahertz regions and Liquid Crystal devices for Optical Communications.

        We sincerely welcome all scholars, experts and students to participate in this stimulating and comprehensive Symposium!

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