The IONS Nanjing 2015 Successfully Held in Nanjing University

During July 10th – 12th, the IONS Nanjing 2015 conference was successfully held in Nanjing University, China.

The International OSA Network of Students, also known as IONS, is a program that encourages student chapter members to organize local and online meetings that focus on students’ technical and professional development. It provides students from all over the world with a platform to communicate and cooperate with each other.

The conference was held by the OSA student chapter of Nanjing University and the student chapter of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). More than 60 attendees from universities of the United States, Japan, India, Lithuania, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as universities of China, participated in this conference.

On the morning of July 10th, Professor Min Xiao from Nanjing University, and Hailong Han, president of the OSA student chapter of Nanjing University, delivered welcome speeches to the guests. They introduced the development of the IONS network and the history of Nanjing University, and expressed welcomes to attendees from abroad and home.

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In the following academic presentations, Professor Ting-Chung Poon from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Virginia Tech firstly introduced the goals of the OSA,which includes more than 18500 members all over the world. He also depicted the cooperation between different student chapters. Then, he analyzed the technology of optical scanning holography deeply and had an active interaction with the audience.


Doctor Dentcho Angelov Genov gave a presentation on light trapping and guidance in metamaterials. His interesting presentations was inspiring and triggered hot discussions during the Q&A sections.


In the afternoon, IONS attendees visited Nanjing National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures in Nanjing University. Researchers of experimental research groups introduced outcomes of the frontiers in optics. Then, attendees visited the labs and were introduced with various precision apparatus. Attendees also had hot discussions in front of the posters which introducing their research outcomes. This lab tour further inspired students’ enthusiasm in research and communication.


On the morning of July 11th, academic presentations from famous scholars continued. Xiaowei Sun, associate professor from Nanyang Technological University gave a presentation on beyond OLED display, showing us the new possibilities of display technology.


Kelly Cohen, senior publisher from OSA, gave a presentation “The Optical Society Amplify Your Potential.” She gave students much encouragement and inspiration on their academic development.


Then, some students gave inspiring presentations and introduced their research outcomes.


On the afternoon of July 11th, attendees visited Nanjing Museum, Chinese second largest museum. There were a wide range of precious collections including ancient bronzes, Chinese traditional paintings and the gallery of the scene of the Republican period. The tour was very rewarding.



On the morning of July 12th, students shared with each other the experiences in the management of OSA student chapters as well as their research findings. Bhanu P. Singh majoring in electronic engineering from India, Inga Saknite from University of Latvia, and Bin Ye from Ningbo University gave successful presentations.


In the afternoon, students visited the famous sight in Nanjing — the Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who is considered to be the father of the modern China. The Mausoleum was located at the foot of Mount Zijin with embrace of pines and cypresses. Students learned about the history of modern China and, standing at the top of the stairway, they appreciated the whole scenery of Nanjing city.


The IONS Nanjing 2015 conference ended in a farewell dinner party on July 12th. Attendees cheered the deep friendship developed during the three-day conference and tours, enjoying the delightful atmosphere of the party, and looking forward to the meetings next times.


The IONS Nanjing 2015 conference, participated in by all the brilliant attendees, has become very successful and a rewarding experience for each attendee, for the academic communication and friendship they have got. It not only boosts the development of the research on Optics in universities, but also enlarges the influence of OSA network among students. This conference fosters our further communication and cooperation.


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