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Advances in nanophotonics and nanotechnology have granted the photonics community unprecedented capability in manipulating photons on the nanometre scale, allowing the developments of new principles, techniques and applications. Among them, fundamental explorations on the light–matter interactions in confined systems have shown great potential of applications in ultra-compact photonic integration, quantum information processing and high-efficiency energy conversion, just to name a few. This Nature Conference aims to provide a platform to the scientists from the fields of nanophotonics and integrated photonics for reporting new findings, exchanging new ideas, and inspiring new concepts and designs. The compact format of this conference will allow for ample discussions and networking.

Scientific Committee

Shining Zhu(Nanjing University, China)
Yanqing Lu(Nanjing University, China)
Xiaosong Ma(Nanjing University, China)
Tao Li(Nanjing University, China)
Jia Zhu(Nanjing University, China)
Zhenda Xie(Nanjing University, China)
Minghui Lu(Nanjing University, China)
Maria Maragkou(Nature Materials, UK)
Alberto Moscatelli(Nature Nanotechnology, UK)
Christiana Varnava(Nature Electronics, UK)
Rachel Won(Nature Photonics, UK)


Quantum photonics
Integrated photonics
Energy photonics
Topological photonics

Plenary Speakers

Nader Engheta(University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Shanhui Fan(Stanford University, USA)
Michal Lipson(Columbia University, USA)
Hong Tang(Yale University, USA)
Xiang Zhang(University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR)

Invited Speakers

Connie Chang-Hasnain(University of California, Berkeley, USA)
Jennifer Dionne(Stanford University, USA)
Dirk Englund(MIT, USA)
Romain Fleury(EPFL, Switzerland)
Min Gu(RMIT Univeristy, Australia)
Zubin Jacob(Purdue University, USA)
Jacob Khurgin(Johns Hopkins University, USA)
Tobias Kippenberg(EPFL, Switzerland)
Yuri Kivshar(Australian National University, Australia)
Laura Liu(University of Heidelberg, Germany)
Marko Loncar(Harvard Universtiy, USA)
Ling Lu(Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS, China)
Renmin Ma(Peking University, China)
Albert Polman(AMOLF, The Netherlands)
Joyce Poon(University of Toronto, Canada)
Vladimir Shalaev(Purdue University, USA)
Christine Silberhorn(Paderborn University, Germany)
Din Ping Tsai (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Jason Valentine(Vanderbilt University, USA)
Philip Walther(University of Vienna, Austria)
Ping Xu(National University of Defense Technology & Nanjing University, China)
Anatoly Zayats(King's College London, UK)
Nikolay Zheludev(University of Southampton, UK & Nanyang Technological Univ, Singapore)
Val Zwiller(TU Delft, The Netherlands & KTH, Sweden)
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